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Hello, I am JD-Gamerson and Welcome to Gamerson Media a blog/website dedicated to anime and video games.  While you won’t find anime streaming or video game downloads, you will still find a lot of anime and video game related content which is worth your while.

The featured contents of this blog will be:

  1.  Cool images featuring anime and video game characters some of which will be Nintendo 3DS stereoscopic.
  2.  Pre-recorded gameplay videos and in time hopefully live ones.
  3.  Anime and video game related cursors, some of which are animated (note: I may add ones which are not related to the two previously mentioned categories if they are cool enough).
  4.  Fun to watch MMD (Miku Miku Dance) videos.
  5.  Finally, we will include anime short anime clips that I think are cool or funny (and anything I feature will be short as I don’t wish to infringe on anyone’s copyright).

Please check back every once in a while for new content and I hope you enjoy!

DB Kai – Goku’s Super Saiyan Speech

This moment needs no introduction so I won’t. All I got to say is it is classic! It is legend!.

Merch Added

Gamerson Media has added merchandise for Christmas and would love you to take a look. Prices has been slashed and we are starting with the Pokemon series to base our designs on. To find them simply click Shopping up top and please read this important notice:  All sales of goods created by Gamerson Media are done through third party sites and are subject to their terms and conditions. For example the Gamerson Media Merch that are sold through this site Teechip is printed and distributed by the said Teechip. Any discrepancy concerning the merchandise and sales should be taken up with Teechip. Gamerson Media only provides the designs and has no other say.

Renji Abarai’s Battle Chant

This is an anime clip that’s near and dear to me… Not just
because I find these words totally awesome or the fact that it sounds like
great literature. Its because I’ve been
through some tough times in life and these words roused my fighting spirit so I could
get through them. Now let me tell you about this
anime moment:
As Ichigo Kurosaki and friends
reach Las Noches they venture inside until the path is about to split them up.
Renji decides this would be the perfect time to perform what he calls a charm (it
an almost forgotten practice in the 13 Court Guard Squads). After this, they split
up in search of their dear friend Orihime Inoue. Who is being held captive by Sōsuke

Team R.W.B.Y. Rocking Out

Hey guys JD-Gamerson here! Today I was practicing mmd (miku miku dance) and what came out looked almost decent so I said to my self why let it gather dust. Which brings me back to the present. Just so you know though the models, motion and music are borrowed see credits below. But I just wanted to say If you like it great leave a like and subscribe and dont forget to hit the notification bell.

Now our regularly scheduled credits:
-bryanrush ( fixed glitches and added things on weiss and ruby )
-yang’s gauntlents by bowlroll.net/file/71143
-kome ken

 Music: www.bensound.com

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