Hello, I am JD-Gamerson and Welcome to Gamerson Media a blog/website dedicated to anime and video games.  While you won’t find anime streaming or video game downloads, you will still find a lot of anime and video game related content which is worth your while.

The featured contents of this blog will be:

  1.  Cool images featuring anime and video game characters some of which will be Nintendo 3DS stereoscopic.
  2.  Pre-recorded gameplay videos and in time hopefully live ones.
  3.  Anime and video game related cursors, some of which are animated (note: I may add ones which are not related to the two previously mentioned categories if they are cool enough).
  4.  Fun to watch MMD (Miku Miku Dance) videos.
  5.  Finally, we will include anime short anime clips that I think are cool or funny (and anything I feature will be short as I don’t wish to infringe on anyone’s copyright).

Please check back every once in a while for new content and I hope you enjoy!